The human predicament according to Buddhism is the ever-present nature of dukkah, or suffering, in our lives. Suffering is caused firstly by the samsara life cycle of birth, illness, ageing and death. It is secondly caused by a human attachment to permanence, called anicca and an inability to stop having cravings or desires, relating to the not self, called anatta. These 3 concepts form the human predicament.

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An honest depiction of the human condition as told by the Buddha. The buddha’s teachings are heavily integrated with yoga themes. As with most guidelines, a grasp on reality is the precursor to the more common yoga lessons on letting go, being in the present moment and acceptance.

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Ever wasted too much time staring at food labels trying to figure out which is the healthier choice? 99% fat free, all natural, 25% less salt? Here is an article posted this morning on the website, The Conversation, that exposes tricks that food companies use to appeal to people and make it seem like their product is the healthier choice. Don’t be tricked by clever marketing!

Fat free and 100% natural: seven food labelling tricks exposed